Packaging Design

December 9, 2011

A great pacakge design can definitely pull a customer into buying a certain product. I found a lot of these designs excellent examples of great packaging layouts. My favorite designs are the Earbudeez Headphones as well as the Kleenex tissue boxes. The designs are clean but extremely creative. I think that it’s smart for companies to invest in a good designer that is able to create innovative designs such as the following!


Last South China Tiger

December 9, 2011



This painting was created by Craig Tracey. He did this for the Save China’s Tigers’ South China Tiger Rewilding project, and in commemoration of SCT’s ten year establishment, as well as the Chinese Year of the Tiger (2010). However, this is not just a painting, it is also body art. The tiger is made up of three women. I think this a very unique “painting” and that Tracey deserves a lot of credit for this work. The first time I viewed this photo is was captioned “can you tell what is weird about this photo?” And I couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until I was told that it was made up of women that I could actually see them. The photograph is taken at such an angle that the depth of women look like a real tiger. I think body art like this is fascinating and  is very  creative and different.

This is the link to the new Oneonta website. Most people have already talked about this and I want to draw attention to it again. the design for this site is made really poorly. The type for the words should not be in that font and should probably not even be a serif font and the color yellow was a very bad choice. In terms of design it is very bad on the eyes and in terms of navigation it is not very easy to figure out.

The Prevention Plan: Cobra

December 8, 2011

I found the concept for this poster very interesting. It was designed for The U.S. Preventive Medicine’s The Prevention Plan. The caption on the poster reads, “Learn your health risks now and they won’t be so scary later.” Whoever designed this poster (I wasn’t able to find out the name of the artist) used typography to make a cobra out of the names of diseases and other health problems (i.e. breast cancer, alcoholism, heart disease, and dementia).

You the Designer is a graphic design blog. One of the bloggers, Cadence, posted an article called “7 Tips for Improving Graphic Design Portfolios.” She advised followers to do a few of the these things: make your contact information effortless to locate, make sure your work is up to date, and make your portfolio just one page long.

To read the full blog, go to the following link:

Graphics Art Guild

December 8, 2011

The Graphics Art Guild just held their December event at the Pratt Institution in Manhattan. There were two experts on animation who presented, Sean Lahey and Alan Foreman. The topic was the art & business of animation: from concept to completion. Both presented talked about insider tips and techniques for animation. Lahey began with the basics of development and then Foreman explained how everything gets produced.  They also had examples of their own work that they shared with the attendees of the event.





Permian Gate

December 7, 2011

Nikolay Polissky was born in 1957 and was first trained in ceramics at St. Petersburg.

The Permian Gate was sculpted by Nikolay Polissky, in Perm, Russia. The entire object is constructed with spruce logs measuring about 12 square meters. It is also shaped like the russian letter P (for Perm).

Creative online portfolio

December 7, 2011

Do you think I uploaded a wrong image for the website?

This web developer used the format of CSS code to be his website. No link, no images, easy to understand if you also know how to write the code. Simple enough, and easy to remember. But if I were someone who looking for a designer to design a website, I will not hire someone without seeing their pervious works.

Reddit – Art

December 3, 2011

Reddit is a great site that people can post to for just about anything.  One of the cool things about this site is that you can have specific subheading pages such as Art.  Therefore, anything related to art or design can be found here on Reddit: . This site is constantly being updated with people’s artwork and designs.  Its almost like an online portfolio except everyone is posting to the same forum.  I use this site all the time and you can spend countless hours just looking at all the cool stuff.  Check it out!

One of my favorite things to do is mess around in Photoshop.  I stumbled upon this website which is really cool.  There are tons of abstract and background Photoshop tutorials that you can try out yourself in Photoshop.  The site gives step-by-step instructions on how do each tutorial.  The instructions even give images of what your screen should look like when doing the steps.  This site is extremely helpful if you want to broaden your knowledge of Photoshop.  I found it fun and useful when creating some of my own designs as well.  I have incorporated some of the techniques I have used from these tutorials in my own designs.  Check it out!



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